Saying goodbye to the rat race with a move to the country

Saying goodbye to the rat race with a move to the country

You’ve decided to buy your first home… the question is, where? According to recent research from Right move, it looks like more people are swapping the city sights for a calmer existence out in the countryside. Although we recently reported that the demand for city flats here in Scotland are on the rise over on our Facebook page (make sure you’re following us over there for all the latest property news), today we’re looking at why so many people are thinking about dropping out of the rat race and enjoying a life in the country.

As is so often the case when buying a property, cost is likely to be one of the main deciding factors when making such a move. However interestingly, when it comes to the decision of whether to swap city for country living, cost doesn’t appear to be the reason. In fact, sometimes the property prices of homes in the country can exceed those in the city. The answer is more likely to lie in the type of lifestyle on offer. We’ve listed some reasons we think a move to the country could be just what you’re looking for.

Can you hear that? That’s right, country living is normally much quieter – literally! With less people and cars on the road, if it’s peace and quiet you crave, the countryside is a great option… not to mention those lower pollution levels. And speaking of pollution, property in the countryside very often comes complete with a good amount of outside space – perfect for enjoying the fresh air (and for all of you with green fingers too)!

We know it’s a cliché, but the countryside tends to have stunning views and landscape on offer that is not as easy to get in the city. Imagine having sheep and cows for next door neighbours… likely an improvement for some of you in any case! Then there’s the community. A close-knit community and village fetes are a reality for some and is up for grabs when it comes to moving to the country. No need to live vicariously through novels and television shows anymore!

Yet what about work? Being able to work is crucial for buying any home, whether in the country or the city. A long and tiresome commute can be an understandable barrier for someone considering a move to the country, not to mention the job opportunities on offer. It’s no surprise then that the increase in remote working since the pandemic has allowed more of us to have flexibility when it comes to which property we buy. A decent WI-FI setup and space to work is very often all we need to bring the office to us and work just as productively as we did before. And even if occasional trips to the office are still required, a property that is easy to commute in and out of will still be able to tick all the boxes.

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